Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Attention All Hunger Games Fans

I’ve been reading everywhere that people are so pissed off about the casting that they are not going to go see the movie.  GOOD! If you are going to let the casting ruin the series and the movies for you, then you’re not much of a fan.  I will admit that the cast so far is not what I would have picked, and certainly not my dream cast, but I’m not letting that change a thing.  I respect all the picks so far, since they are all good actors/actresses.  I feel like they will do a great job developing and growing with each movie.  Since I have read the books, I will always picture what the characters look like to me when I re-read the series, and not the actors from the movie.  I’m sure the producers will do a great job turning the books into a motion picture, and even if it’s not what readers and crazed fans (me being one of them) expect, at least they have the books to turn back to.  Even if it is a terrible film and doesn’t do the books justice, I will still most likely love it, just because it is The Hunger Games.  People need to grow up, relax, and just enjoy the fact that Suzanne Collins has written such an extraordinary story that has impacted so many people.  If you’re not happy about the movie, at least be happy for the success of Suzanne.  She’s earned it and deserves it.


  1. I'm not too happy with the casting, myself. The man who go cast for Gale should have been cast as Peeta. I'll see the movie anyway, though!!

  2. I completely agree people are being childish about the casting choices. Especially considering how people have been wrong in the past about hating other book to film transitions. Like twilight. Everyone was so against Robert pattinson because he was not the edward of their mind's eye now people are ripping him to shreds in a different way. People need to chill. But like they say there is no such thing as bad publicity.

  3. I know! I am not all for the casting....I was hoping for Alex Pettyfer for Peeta, but I've seen photoshopped pictures to make Liam and Josh look the part. So far I'm liking what I'm seeing. I am still just as psyched about the movie.
    And I totally agree about the Robert Pattinson. It seems like people can't catch breaks no matter what haha