Saturday, April 2, 2011

Top 10 Stupidest Reasons I've Heard of for Guys Getting Mad at Their Girlfriends

This was just too tempting for me. I had to compile a list of these absolutely ridiculous fights guys pick that I've heard of (a couple I have actually experienced).  Men will never cease to amaze me, or rather, piss me off with their stupidity.  These are in no particular order.

1.  Your boyfriend gets mad at you for skyping with your best friend that you haven't seen in 3 years.

The only thing I can think of to counter this is "wtf?!"  It's not like your girlfriend is cheating on you with her best friend or skype sexing.  And hello?! It's been THREE years since she's seen her best friend.  Would you rather she be skyping her ex-boyfriend? Nope...didn't think so.

2. Your boyfriend gets mad at you for watching one of his favorite television shows without him.

It's sweet that you wanted to watch it together, but if you have busy schedules and don't live together, things aren't always going to work out how you want.  Especially when neither one of you owns the season of that tv show.  I know Dexter is pretty amazing, but why the hell start a fight over it? It's not like you were forced to not watch it.

3.  Your boyfriend gets pissed off at you if you won't send him a picture whenever he wants one.

A picture here and there is one thing.  Demanding a picture every day is a whole different level of crazy.  Getting mad over not getting a picture is even worse.  No means no.  Enough said.

4.  Your boyfriend gets crazy jealous and psycho if anybody compliments you.

Call me crazy, but shouldn't that make your boyfriend swell with pride?  If some girl went up to my boyfriend and said, "hey I think your sexy", I would slap a big ole genuine smile on my face.  I'd be more than happy that someone thinks that.  When another guy tells the girlfriend she's beautiful or anything complimentary, the boyfriend automatically thinks that they are going to shag.  Why can't guys just be happy that they are the ones with the girl.  If she didn't want to be with you, she wouldn't be.  If she ran off every single time someone complimented her, she would be long gone.

5.  Your boyfriend gets mad if you hang out with your girlfriends, but at the same time he's mad, he's out getting drunk at a bar and hanging with his ex-girlfriends.

This is almost too stupid for words.  How hypocritical.  You're out with your ex-girlfriends, and you're mad that your girlfriend is hanging with a bunch of girls?! How messed up is that?  Even if you weren't hanging with your ex-girlfriends, you're still out getting drunk at the bar.  Totally not cool.  Double standards will not fly in lasting relationships.

6.  Your boyfriend gets mad whenever he finds out you have been tweeting.

Okay...does everyone understand what twitter is? "Tweeting" is nothing dirty.  Don't worry, fellas, when you find out your girlfriend is obsessed with twitter, it's nothing more than a twisted relationship with social networking and technology.

7.  Your boyfriend gets mad at you for not getting him the right birthday present.

Isn't it the thought that counts?? That's what I was always taught.  An iPod touch is NOT a reasonable gift when you are a broke 20 year old.  If you wanna throw a temper tantrum like a 3 year old, go right ahead.  Didn't your momma always teach you that crying won't get you what you want?

8.  Your boyfriend gets mad and throws a fit because your facebook profile picture doesn't include him in it.

Profile picture.  Not anniversary picture.  Everyone gets to decide what picture they want as their default.  Just because you're not in our display picture, doesn't mean we don't want people to know we're together.  It shows we're in a relationship, so I think that's a dead giveaway we're together, genius.

9.  Your boyfriend gets mad at you for knowing what's in a Screwdriver, just because he doesn't know.

What kind of a dumbass fight is this?? A Screwdriver is orange juice and vodka.  Not orange juice and tequila.  That would be a Tequila Sunrise minus the grenadine.

10.  Your boyfriend gets mad at you for not sitting next to him everywhere you go. 

Boyfriend and girlfriend.  Not conjoined twins.  Not a two-headed monster.  People have lives outside of their significant other, so if they're around friends as well, why not share the love? It's only fair!

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