Friday, April 15, 2011

Funcake Cupcake

This is the cupcake cake I made for my little sister, Dylan, for her 8th birthday party.  I made it back in October.  Her birthday is October 15th, so she had a Halloween party.  This was the cake she wanted, and it was my first cupcake cake like this.  It was super easy and fun to make, and it's cute, so that's a plus!  Once again, I got this idea from the Hello Cupcake books.  The collar around his neck is a caramel square that I softened and then rolled out.  The "straw" is shredded wheat, the patches are fruit roll ups, and the hems on his shirt and pants are twisted pull 'n peel twizzlers. 

Dylan and her friends and sister for her 8th birthday party.  Dylan is in the green.  She was a fairy, but they had face painting, so she's all decked out... Riley is my other little sister in the braids with red ribbons.  She was Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. There were about 20 kids at the party.

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