Thursday, April 7, 2011

Too Cute to Eat

This is the cupcake cake I made for my little brother, Brady, for his 10th birthday party a few weeks ago. The frosting got a little warm, and his scales kind of melted into each other, but he's still cute, regardless.  I used chocolate and yellow cake mixes for the cupcakes, and I filled them with homemade chocolate ganache.  The teeth are made out of marshmallows, as well as the eyes.  The nostrils are peanut m&m's, his claws are banana runts, and his scales are chocolate graham crackers.  You can use pretty much anything you have if you improvise.  He was really easy to make, and he was a hit with the boys.  I didn't want to eat him!

These are the cupcake books from where I got the idea.  I have both of the books, and they are filled with great ideas for birthday, holiday, and just fun cupcake ideas.

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