Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Teacher's Brilliant Facebook Status

So I was surfing my facebook newsfeed, and I came across the most intelligent thing I've ever read. Hands down.  A student TEACHER's facebook status said  " 'Reading is fundamental' can also be translated to 'Reading is for assholes.' "  I understand that reading isn't everybody's thing.  But coming from someone who is presently student teaching at a school?? This is absolutely frightening.  The way people teach nowadays has gotten worse and worse with time, but if this is what our future generations are looking at, I will homeschool my children when that time comes around.  

Reading IS fundamental.  Where would anyone be without knowing how to read?  Everyone would be illiterate morons.  I think as a future teacher, reading is something that is mandatory.  If reading is for assholes, don't be a teacher and preach your stupid logic to young, bright minds.  If you were a best-selling author and were making millions for people READING your material, you probably wouldn't be complaining or calling your readers "assholes".  You will never be that successful, just because your attitude is completely screwed up and you're blinded by your stupidity, so I guess I don't have to worry about that one. 

I probably am blogging about this because honestly, I am slightly offended by that quote, even though I shouldn't be at all.  If reading were for assholes, everyone in the world that can read ANYTHING would be an asshole.  So, basically, we're all assholes in this world.  Oh well...I'm not going to quit reading ever.  I'm going to be one HUGE asshole with a hell of an imagination and a never-ending knowledge of basically everything.  

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