Monday, April 18, 2011

Magic IS Real

This January I went to Florida on my family vacation.  We ended up going to Disneyworld Magic Kingdom.  I've been there two other times, so I have experienced everything at least once there.  It still didn't change how amazing it is.  I was once again blown away by all the details of the park.  The characters walking around were so fun, the shows were spectacular, the rides were exciting, and most of the food was delicious.  All the little shops were so much fun, and I wanted to buy everything in each of them.  The best part of the park for me this time was the electrical parade and the fireworks show.  The electrical parade was HUGE and so incredible.  I don't have very many pictures from it in this post, but I have over 200 on my computer.  The fireworks display is probably the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my whole life.  They last for about 20 minutes, and Jimminy Cricket narrates the show.  Tinkerbell flies down from the top of the castle on a ripcord at the very beginning, and she is decked out in her fairy outfit that is lit up.  The fireworks have so many different colors and shapes, and it is the most breathtaking thing ever.  If you have not been to Disneyworld you should definitely go at least once.  And make sure you bring your camera. Disneyworld makes the world of magic real.

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