Sunday, April 3, 2011

Beware of Your Manager. They May Be Doing More Than Supervising...

Just when I thought things couldn't get any weirder...I find out my best friend is being stalked by her manager of her job she has had for about three days.  He added her on facebook, and she accepted cuz she thought it was cool...He's her manager, right? Right.  I'm friends with my managers one facebook.  

He started posting on her wall just nicely at first, and now he is completely psychotic.  His profile picture screams creeper to me. That may sound very mean, but I wouldn't have thought that if he was being perfectly non-creepy.  He is giving her the third degree.  If she doesn't reply back to him in less than a minute, he sends another reply or "???". What the hell kind of a freak is this? Then he starts telling her that he really likes her, and Asian women (which is what she is) are really the most beautiful women in the world. 

Then her boyfriend's friend comments and says that her boyfriend thinks the same thing.  And so the creeper wants to know if she really has a boyfriend.  She tells him yes.  He gets pissed cuz she didn't tell him right away.  She said he didn't ask.  He said she didn't make it obvious.  He sounds like a pedophile to me.  He keeps telling her that they need to talk privately so her boyfriend and his friends can't spy on them. 

This is supposed to be her MANAGER!! WTF?!  Now he is trying to get her to text him, but she won't.  He's pissed off cuz she said she's busy, and that's why she's not responding.  Instead of backing off like a normal person would do, he asks her what she's doing.  She tells him she is talking to her best friend (me), and then decides to ask where I am!! She didn't get a chance to reply before he said "Is she close?" 

I am seriously scared for her to go back to work.  I told her she can't go into an office alone with him, let him walk her to her car, and she can't walk to herself without someone she trusts.  This is just creepy.  I took screenshots of what he wrote on her facebook wall, just in case.  If she ends up missing, I have a lead and proof that this guy is completely wacked.  

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